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Welcome to the largest Baby Shower website!
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Baby shower 101 was created for new moms, friends and family members who are going to throw the baby shower. I wanted to make a portal where everyone can go to get free content in helping make planning less stressful for everyone as well as add some creativity to the baby shower if needed. We also launched a new baby shower retail directory for decorations, gifts and much more. You can see our retail directory here. A key fact to remember is that you are throwing this party for a good friend, sister, daughter, or family member and that being with good friends and family is the biggest value of the party. It does not have to be over the top (unless that is the way the mommy-to-be likes it to be :) Just make sure to have a good time with memorable things planned for the party since the biggest value during the baby shower is friendship, love, and excitement of a new little one joining the community of friends and family!

Please email us your ideas since we would love to hear your experiences and comments in making our site better!  We've already had over 1000 mom's and friends of the mommy-to-be email us with their experiences which has added great information to the site for others who are planning a baby shower to benefit from. We do read all of our emails and hope to hear from you as well as give you some new great ideas that you can use at any baby shower you plan!

We are your place to find games and other information with the click of a mouse! Throughout this site my friends and I have researched and used our own experiences in creating an informative site about one of the happiest types of events. Whether you are throwing the baby shower or just helping, we hope our site gives you creative ideas and reduces the stress of planning the party!

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Our Baby Shower Information section gives you the history of baby showers as well as general information on basic expectations. We further go into everyone's role in throwing a shower in the Etiquette section. Furthermore, we help you plan an itinerary in our Planning section where you can copy off our checklist in getting ready for the party and a timetable of how long in advance to plan.

Our Games and Ideas sections give you many ideas in throwing a very memorable and fun baby shower! We cover the most popular games and themes as well as some new and creative ideas to add some excitement to the party!

Don't forget all of the wonderful baby shower favors & decorations available to make your baby shower a success! We also have wonderful baby shower decoration ideas that may spark some creativity.

Another important time to plan for the Mother-To-Be and her family is sending the baby shower invitations as well as what type of invitations to order and when to send out the thank you cards. We will help you with the planning process including help in choosing gifts. You can also visit our national baby shower retail directory for additional help. This can be a great help for the Mother and Father to be to get practical and helpful items that will make their lives easier in the months to come.

Baby Shower Question of the Month:
What is the most popular baby shower game that does not cost anything and all the guests can play?

Baby shower answer of the month
It is what is first on our games page which is to guess the mommy-to-be's tummy size. All you need is some type of measuring unit such as a string or yarn. Have each woman cut the yarn in what they believe will go around the mommy-to-be's body. Measure from the middle of the belly and all the way around to see who is the most close. A really fun and easy game to play.

For more baby shower questions of the month click here

We hope you find this site helpful since when I was planning my baby shower, there was not a lot of places to get all types of ideas to make the planning stress free! We will keep adding to this site as much comprehensive and helpful information so you can find everything in one place! Planning should be fun and a stress-free time, especially for the mommy-to-be and her family.

We have included a links and resource page for you as well to make our site a great place to find everything you will ever need to know when planning a baby shower including games and ideas!

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Baby Shower Games

Fall & Thanksgiving Baby Shower

If you have your baby shower during the Thanksgiving season works out very well as for planning baby shower themes, decorations and supplies. A few ideas are to use the theme of "giving thanks", by having everyone say what they are thankful for. It is also a great time to give by having everyone donate to a charity of less fortunate people, especially to a single mother's or children's organization. A cute baby shower idea is to have everyone sign a Thanksgiving theme board (i.e., in the shape of a cornucopia, turkey, pilgrim, fall colors, etc on the board) and give the parent's to be so ideas that would be helpful for their preparing for their little one.

Symbolic candy, including candy corns, miniature pumpkin candies, and fall colored candy are great to place on tables of the baby shower. Serving finger food out of Cornucopia's (the horn looking container that is symbolic of thanksgiving) as well as spreading colorful leaves and flowers (sunflowers) on tables is a nice touch. The pumpkin theme is still cute and works for Thanksgiving as well as Halloween. Finding pumpkins that are symbolic of a mother, father and child is a cute idea. You an even decorate the pumpkins which is always a conversation piece.

Food that you serve can also tie in such as little finger food turkey sandwiches, ham, corn, cranberries/cranberry juice. Baby shower decorations can be purchased or created for the Thanksgiving season as well as cups, place settings and other items. The use of brown, gold, orange, red, black and yellow is festive for the November season. Dried leaves can also be cleaned and used as decorations. Pass the baby pumpkin (like hot potato) can be played.

Wall decorations can be Thanksgiving related, with the use of pilgrims, pumpkin cut-outs, Indian feathers, turkey, and fall symbols. Items can be placed on tables for the baby shower guests to enjoy! A great baby shower game to play is to have everyone write a message for the mother and father to be on cut out pumpkins, cornucopias, leaves or pilgrim hats and present them to the parent's-to-be by placing them in a keepsake box shaped like a cornucopia. Have the mother-to-be read each one out loud as she takes them out of the box which makes for a sentimental and fun time.

A cute idea is to purchase pumpkins and place a smaller pumpkin in the larger hollowed-out pumpkin to symbolize the pregnancy! Dress the "mommy" pumpkin up for the baby shower and it will be sure to get some laughs from the baby shower guests!'

There are so many ways to tie in the Thanksgiving season to the baby shower theme. We also have tons of other ideas throughout the site and hope you enjoy our information. Have a great time at the upcoming party and we hope to help out in your planning with HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

A great gift is the newest video for parents discussing Newborn Care 101.

We also have tons of other ideas throughout the site as well as a great resource page. We hope you enjoy our information. Have a great time at the upcoming party and we hope to help out in your planning.

Write us with any baby shower ideas you have at and have a great party!

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