Don't Forget Daddy

Please answer the questions listed below to the best of your ability in regards to what the daddy-to-be said and felt since finding out about his new addition to the family:

1. The first thing he said when he was told the pregnancy test was positive.
a.) Yea I am so excited!
b.) No way
c.) Let's celebrate
d.) I'm going to be a Dad. e) How did that happen?

2. What sex was he hoping for?
a.) boy
b.) girl
c.) doesn't matter

3. When Daddy saw the first ultrasound he said.
a.) It's so amazing.
b.) technology has come a long way
c.) I don't understand any of it.
d.) You realize there is a higher power seeing this.
e.) Is that an alien?

4. How did Daddy tell his family the sex of the baby?
a.) It's A BOY! or GIRL!
b.) It's what I was hoping for.
c.) The plumbing is on the outside.
d.) I better buy stock in makeup products.
e.) You won't find out unless you are there.

5. Daddy says he hopes the baby has Mommy's
a.) eyes
b.) smile
c.) nose
d.) hair
e.) temperment
f.) smarts

6. Daddy says he hopes the baby has his.
a.) eyes
b.) smile
c.) nose
d.) hair
e.) sense of humor
f.) smarts

7. How many pregnancy test will Daddy say he bought before the he accepted the final one?
a.) 1
b.) 5
c.) 10
d.) none

8. When Daddy put the baby furniture together he
a.) lost the screws
b.) gave up let Mommy
c.) did it in record time
d.) put the rail on backwards
e.) hired someone
f.) mommy put the furniture together

9.) Daddy says now that the baby is near he worries most about.
a.) money
b.) lack of sleep
c.) its health
d.) changing diapers
f.) all of the above

10. Daddy's will sing his favorite tunes to the baby from his favorite singer.
a.) Justine Timberlake
b.) Nick Lachey
c.) Kenney Chesney
d.) Josh Groban
e.) Barry Manilow
f.) Classic Baby Songs
g.) Chili Peppers
h.) Western
i.) Techno
j.) RnB
k.) Smooth Jazz

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