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Baby shower gifts are a tradition dating back to the early 1900's where friends and family would throw a "shower" in much the same way they would for a bridal shower; to "shower" the woman with gifts before her big day (marriage or having a baby). In the early tradition, many of the gifts were made by the guests. Umbrellas were a popular symbol of the event because the baby shower was traditionally an afternoon event and the guests would use the umbrella to stay out of the sun.

Today, baby showers are much different and not just for tea. Baby shower gifts run the gamut of everything from practical to outlandish! Below we have listed some of the more popular baby shower gifts as well as some creative gifts to get the parents-to-be. Also visit our baby shower directory for great baby shower gifts! Remember you can always see if the mommy-to-be registered for gifts before deciding what you want to get.

Check out our Top Baby Shower Gifts for the holiday season to make your baby shower gift hunting more easy!

Our Favorite Baby Shower Gift Idea

Baby Shower Gift of the Month - "Newborn Care 101 - What Parents Need to Know" - DVD
Our Top Baby Shower Gift Pick - This DVD includes a parent-friendly guide that answers the most frequently asked questions a new parent asks their pediatrician. Just when you thought that a newborn does not come with an instruction guide, here is the closest thing to getting all the answers you need. The DVD and included 12 page guide has the most recent information about reducing the risk of SIDS, how to treat jaundice as well as a real first time visit to the pediatricians office! A great baby shower gift and must have for any new parent, grandparent or caretaker. Click here for more information or purchase from Amazon here. A great and valuable gift for new parents that will be appreciated!

Almost Time for Baby - The idea is to assign each guest a certain "time" of day in the babies life; for example, story time, bath time bedtime, feeding time etc. the guests then bring items relating to that time including books, bottles blankets...whatever. It keeps the new mom from having duplicates of different things and makes great baby shower gifts. You can also arrange baby shower games around the times of day. Sharing a favorite bedtime story, quilting a blanket as a group, baby bottle races etc. Baby Shower 101 visitor Sarah stated, "I did this for a friend and it turned out very fun and wasn't the normal shower, plus it was very easy to do and fun to be creative with it." Thank you Sarah for such a wonderful baby shower gift idea!

Baby Shower Gift Opening Bingo - It is traditional to have everyone watch the mommy-to-be open the baby shower gifts at the end of the shower. Sometimes, people may get bored, especially if there are a lot of gifts. A great idea is to have a baby shower present BINGO game. Place numbers on all the gifts and make bingo cards for every baby shower guest that is still there for the present opening. When the mommy-to-be grabs a gift, she lets everyone know the gift number and these numbers coincide with the bingo numbers. The baby shower guest(s) to get bingo wins a baby shower door prize.

Baby Shower Gifts: The Essentials

The first type of baby shower gifts are the more practical and immediate items that the parents-to-be can use as soon as their baby is born.

Diapers - A wonderful baby shower gift is to give diapers to the parents-to-be. A creative idea in doing this is for the host to buy a bag of newborn diapers, put a sticky note on each one of them, and when each guest arrives, give them a diaper to write a note of encouragement to the mommy and daddy-to-be. The first few weeks with a new baby (especially the first one) can be really tough, so being encouraged each time the new parent changes the baby's diaper can help reduce some of the stress. It's also a great way to get everyone involved in a way the parents will remember. Thanks to Kristara for this wonderful baby shower gift idea!

Diaper Cakes - A great and popular baby shower gift is a diaper cake. This is not a real cake but consists of useable diapers and other essential baby products such as shampoo, nail cutters, toys and other baby goodies.

Organic Baby Gifts - What could be more thoughtful baby shower present than unique organic baby gifts? Organic baby products such as certified organic cotton clothing, bedding, or even BPA free baby bottles are generally safer for our children (many traditional baby brands are made with toxins, dyes, and heavy metals that don't just come out in the wash.

Baby Shower Gift IdeasThe Mommy-To-Be Bag - One of the most helpful presents you can give the mommy to be at the baby shower is a Tote-Bag with all the essentials to take to the hospital. Such things as a hair tie/scrunchy, her favorite gum, deodorant, comfortable flip flops/nighttime slippers, cozy socks, favorite CD/DVD, make-up kit, Q-tips, lipstick, nailfile, etc. A great gift for someone in labor and post-labor. It is also great to throw in a pen and mini-journal to keep track of all the great and memorable events that take place on the big birth day! Thanks to Cassy for this baby shower idea!

To this idea, our baby shower visitor Beth adds: Another baby shower gift is to give the mommy a great baby car kit which includes: a thermometer, pacifiers, bottle, formula, liners (depending on the bottles preferred by mom), nail clipper kit, washcloths, hair brush and comb, travel bag dispenser that gives you a small bag to put dirty diapers into, a new outfit, burp cloth, nasal aspirator, a few diapers, and wipes. Johnson&Johnson also makes a take along pack that has travel size sampling of shampoo, desitin, lotion, powder, baby wash, and a soothing naturals nourishing lotion.

Baby Shower Gift for Mommy - Baby Shower Gift for Mommy - Show how much you love the mommy-to-be bay getting mommy a beautiful personalized mothers jewelry which she will greatly appreciate! You get your very own shower page with your registry on it. All you have to do is send that link to your friends and watch the gifts pour in.

Baby Shower Shirts - A very cute gift for the new parents is to get a baby shirt or onesie. You can never have enough clothing for a newborn so we love the idea and it makes a memorable gift!

Picture Frames - There's no better way to remember the baby shower or your friends first day with her baby by remembering the event through pictures.

Clothing - Sleepers, Receiving Blanket, Undershirts, Onesies, diapers. socks and hats. Make sure they are easy to change since too many buttons or snaps may be difficult for new parents to take on and off the baby. Buy cute clothes to go home from the hospital in and Waterproof Lap Pads.

A popular baby shower gift is offering the new parents some cute onesies that are personalized. Check out this store that has baby onesies with cute sayings, symbols as well as onesies that you can make your own! Also think about buying the mommy-to-be some cute maternity clothes.

Health/Grooming Products - Baby Powder, Lotion, Baby Wipes, Desitin, Q-Tips, Hydrogen Peroxide (for the umbilical cord), baby safety pins, nail file, scissors, first aid kit, baby soaps and wash cloths, Baby Thermometer, Diaper Bag.

Feeding - Bibs, bottles, bottle holders, baby formula (if not breast feeding), breast pump (if going to be used), Nipples, Bottle Brush set (get multiple brushes of the same kind since they will go through them pretty fast), Tipper Cup, Feeding Spoon, Baby Burp Towels, Baby Dishes (plastic), and bathrobe.

In the Bath Products - Towel with cute hood, wash cloths, baby lotion, shampoo, soap, baby brush, bath toys (make sure they are age appropriate).

In the Crib/Bassinet Items - Crib Fitted Sheets (a few orders of them), Comforter, Bumper Pads (not recommended by all doctors and nurses due to the increase of SIDS), Mobile, Crib trim, Waterproof Crib Pads, blanket to swaddle the infant.

For the Baby Room - Stuffed Animals, Cute pictures for the wall, Gift Certificate for a Muralist to come out, dresser, changing table, Cute Initials of the baby on some type of ceramic item (i.e., toy blocks with his/her initials), Picture frame, Nursery Lamp, Furniture, Boppy, Bouncey Seats and Piggy bank.

Toy Time - Teething toys, colorful play matt, black and white play matt, Musical Toys and Plush/Stuffed Animals always go over well at a baby shower!

Click here!Making the Announcement - Bottle Cheers with Charm in celebration of whats to come! A fun way of letting him know he's going to be a father or the grandparents know there's a little one on the way! Also used to decorate the center of a table for a baby shower brunch!

For the Parents - Pamper the parents-to-be with a gift certificate to a spa, book store, record store, or a nice gift such as baby hand and foot imprinting plaster, Baby Bjorn or other baby carrier Coupons for babysitting. Click here for Gifts for Mom and Dad!

Practical Gifts - These baby shower gifts are very useful for the parents-to-be including stroller, bassinet, baby dresser, baby changing table, baby car seat, baby car seat attachment, high chair, baby swing (very helpful in most cases for sleeping and entertainment), bouncy seat, sound monitor, video monitor (wireless), Potty Chair, Diaper Genie (container), Safety Gate, Baby Scale, Breast Pump, Rocking Chair.

Unique Gifts - Grow Chart, Gift for Siblings, Gift Certificate for baby pictures, U.S. Govt. Bonds for the Baby, Silver Spoon or Rattle, Baby proofing the house. You can also find a lot of other unique baby shower gifts throughout the web that would be appreciated by the mommy and daddy to be.

Baby Shower Coupons - For those that want to give their time for their gift and don't have much money, it is fun to be creative and make baby shower coupons for the parents such as " 2- Hour Babysitting", "Cook for the Mommy and Daddy two meals", etc. The parents to be will really appreciate this baby shower coupon gift book, especially for first time parents who appreciate the help!

Gift of Saving a Life - A fantastic baby shower gift is a gift certificate for a private CPR class for the mommy and daddy to be and a few of their selected family and friends who may become future babysitters. This idea was given to us by a paramedic who stated people can contact their local ambulance, hospital or Red Cross and set up a class for a nominal fee to cover the instructor and manuals if applicable. As our paramedic friend stated, "What better gift than life and the security to handle emergencies."

Diapers, Diapers, Diapers - A great gift that seems to always running out for the mommy-to-be is to have everyone bring a few packages of diapers. New mommies never have enough in the house so getting diapers is a perfect baby shower gift. Thanks to our visitor Sanguine who stated to us, "My sister bought 3 packs of diapers every 2 weeks for 6 months (which is about 36 packs) and was out in less than 3 months. Diapers is extremely helpful for a baby shower gift my friend. Diapers! Thanks for your feedback Sanguine.

Baby Shower Gift IdeasUseful Laundry Basket Idea - Instead of spending the money on a gift bag that is likely to get thrown away, use laundry basket, line it with a baby blanket and put the gift inside and cover with tissue paper or another blanket. Then the basket can be used for the extra laundry that will be added or for toy storage. You can even get a small laundry basket usually at Dollar Tree stores or any type of everything's $1 store if you are on a limited budget! Thanks to visitor Renee for this great idea! This is a nice idea by one of our loyal visitors :)

Floating Ducky - Take a silver mini wash tub (they are available everywhere and in various shapes and sizes). Fill with water and float a rubber duck in each one. Tie balloons to one of the handles. It's simple, but sweet. You can also place various baby shower related items next to the wash tub, like shampoo, lotion and such.

Laundry Basket Goods - Purchase a laundry basket, baby laundry detergent, you're favorite pre wash, stain remover, wipes to go, and some fabric softener and place in the basket. If you're budget permits or you are sharing the expense for the baby shower gift with some friends, you can also get some hangers or an baby outfit. You can arrange all these small items with tissue paper in the laundry basket, which will serve as you're gift basket.

One of our visitors stated, "I like to place a tag line on a piece of paper or a tag of some sort to the basket written as " Have LOADS of fun with you're new baby." - Great baby shower gift idea!

Baby Shower Baby Books - Have each baby shower guest bring a baby book for the new parents. Have each guest pre-write a sentiment or advice to the new parent's on the first page of each book which is a great memento to cherish for the baby growing up and the parents. Thanks to a baby shower visitor for this idea!

Another idea is to have each baby shower guest bring their favorite baby book that was read to them. You can introduce this idea in the baby shower invitations that state:

"The Baby Is Now On The Way
I Want To Read Him/Her A Book A Day
What Book Touched You When A Child
That You Can Bring To Make Some Smiles

Newborn Care DVD - Click here for more Info!A book that touched you as a child would be a great addition to my shower as I want him/her to have the same great memories that you had since you are all special to me."

Baby Plant/Tree - Baby Plant/Tree - Buy a small tree that can be planted outside of the parents-to-be home. Tie baby items to the branches (pacifiers, bottles, nail clippers, etc.). The parent's to be can watch the tree and the baby grow at the same time. You can do the same thing with a small indoor plant. Thanks to Christa for this wonderful idea. We also suggest staying green with the environment and have a new baby shower gift page dedicated to this here.

Fleece Baby Blanket - A great and inexpensive baby shower gift is a fleece baby blanket. You make these by taking two pieces of fleece and putting them together, then cutting 3 in slits every 1 inch all the way around the blanket and tie knots to keep the pieces together. Then just roll the blanket up and tie it with a ribbon. Thanks to C.M. for this great baby shower gift idea!

Keepsake Box - Use a hat box and draw/paint/add personal touches to the box. Fill the box with onsies, clothes, pacifiers, bottles, wipes, diapers, etc. You can also include a pack of alphabet stickers so I could put the baby's name and birthdate, weight and height on the box with the stickers once he/she is born. This is a great idea as it can be used to collect personal items for the baby, placing them in one box that you can eventually pass on to the child!

Essential Wicker Basket - purchase a wicker basket that is large enough to hold the basics (lotion, wipes, diapers, Q tips, a soft toy) and line it with white eyelet cotton, easily washed. The idea is to have all the items needed for a diaper change in one container that can be taken from room to room or even downstairs when needed. Thanks to Jeanne for a great baby shower gift.

Baby Shower Gift Basket - Purchase a nice basket or tub and decorate it with baby type art. Purchase blank white envelopes that have a baby shower theme on them or just plain envelopes. Place the basket or tub on the table at the baby shower and have each baby shower guest fill out the front of the envelope with their address. In each of the envelopes, give them a little paper to write a message or advice for the mother to be. Have each guest leave the envelopes unglued. At the end of the baby shower, have the mommy-to-be select one envelope from the pile and give out a baby shower gift!

This envelopes can later be used by the mommy-to-be for writing thank you notes and saving her time. The tub or basket can be used as well to store baby shower gifts, supplies, bathroom stuff at a later time! Thanks to Patricia for this wonderful idea!

Baby Shower Blanket, Toy and present - Instead of using gift wrap for the baby shower present, wrap the gift in a receiving blanket and place a toy at the top so that mommy has extra items that she can use. Thanks to Christy for this baby shower idea!

Baby Shower Clothes Line Gift - Buy a bunch of clothes (onesies, bibs, sleepers, caps, booties, receiving blanket, washcloths, lap pads, even small items like binkies if they are in a cardboard holder) and pin them with clothes pins to a clothes line. Buy a large hat box (easy to find and cheap at Marshall's or Ross Clothing). Lay out the clothes line in the hat box going around and around. When it comes time to open the baby shower gifts, have someone (can be mommy-to-be) pull the string and walk across the room so all the gift items are hanging. Thanks from one of our fabulous baby shower visitors for this great baby shower gift idea!

Baby Shower Time Capsule - In addition to bringing a baby shower gift, it would be great to ask everyone to bring an item to place in a time capsule. The item has to be a popular item found from this year. When the baby turns 18, he/she gets the time capsule and reads advice from the guests at the baby shower. Make sure the items are smaller so everything can fit and to have everyone write some advice for the soon to be 18 year old (as time goes by fast). Thanks to Amanda for this wonderful baby shower gift idea!

Labor and Delivery Survival Kit - Ask everyone (on an invite) to bring one item to contribute to the "Labor and Delivery Survival Kit". Examples are stop watch, slipper socks, headband, back massager, body lotion, lip balm, lollipops, breath mints, disposable camera, bubblegum cigars, a contact list & of course a tote or bag large enough for all the goodies and a change of clothes. This is a great idea given to us by baby shower guest Chrissy!

Baby Shower Gift Photo Package - Go to a local photography company (there is almost one in every mall in which most are professional) and get a gift certificate or sign the "child" (under the parents name) up for a 1 year membership where the parents can have unlimited sittings and with the package receive a certain number of 8X10, 5X7, wallets, etc. free. To present the gift place the certificate in a really nice 8X10 picture frame. Thanks to Jenny for this awesome baby shower gift idea!

A great baby shower gift idea is to purchase a photography sitting for the parents to be before and/or after the baby is born. This will be a gift that is memorable and lasts a lifetime!

Economical Gifts - For those baby shower guests who don't have a lot of money, especially during a recession, it is totally appropriate and understandable to be creative and make something (cake, dessert, etc) or offer a "friend coupon" such as "Free Babysitting", "Free Friend Out Day", etc which will be just as special as purchasing something. The important thing is that you are there supporting your friend at the baby shower and when the baby comes!

Baby Shower Camera Gift - This is a great idea for a young couple just starting out with a small budget and don't have these things on there shopping list as necessities. A great gift idea for the mommy-to-be is a new digital camera with extra memory cards. If you know they aren't digital savvy go with a 35mm with extra rolls of film, and a gift card from the a local Wal-Mart or drug store to cover the cost of developing baby's first pics. This is a great baby shower gift if you want to do something different. Thank you to Maria for this great baby shower gift idea!

Baby Shower Diary Booklet or Scrapbook - For a new twist on a baby diary or scrap book, cut strong cardboard in the shape of a shirt. Do this by cutting a round shape at the top then shape the arms out on each side. Then use the hot gluegun to tie a ribbon or buttons on the front with the mommy to be name on it. Add additional pages and staple or use string to bring the book together. Personalize the cover with pictures or statements for the baby shower event. A great baby shower gift idea that is easy to make! Thanks to Kenria for this idea :)

Learning Time - Baby Bach Video, Baby Einstein CD's (or really any learning CD's for the infant), classical music CD's, Disney movies, Books for the Parents, baby books, Lamaze soft books and story books.

Baby Shower Gifts For Big Brothers and Big Sisters - It is great to give a fun and simple gift to the big brother or sister as it is a big change for them and a gift hits the spot.


It is important to keep your receipts and try and get a gift receipt so the parents-to-be can return anything they have doubles of or if they do not like the gift. This baby shower gift idea list above is not exhaustive, but does list the most essential of the items you can purchase for the couple. If you have any great ideas, feel free to email me at

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