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Baby Shower 101 is your number one source for planning a baby shower. Our free baby shower information will help you plan every aspect including baby shower ideas, games, party favors, drinks invitations and food for your baby shower. From shower invitations to the party games, we'll help make your baby shower a very memorable one. Baby Shower 101 will handle all of your baby shower needs!
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Baby Shower PoemsBaby Shower Poems can be used for a number of purposes. They may be used as the wording of baby shower invitations, a sentimental speech presented by the host to the mommy to be, or written within the cover of a scrapbook. A short poem may even be printed on top of a baby shower cake. A baby shower poems can be a tear jerker, can be a cute and funny and they should definitely be personalized. You have lots of flexibility. Have fun!

Thanks to Jill the Poem Lady who wrote many of these wonderful poems.

One small request that won't be too hard
Please bring a book instead of a card
Whether Cat in the Hat or Winnie the Pooh
You can sign the inside cover with a note from you
Baby will become very smart, if my advice you do heed
If we begin early, he'll soon love to read

As (Mother to be's name) due date is coming near,
We're inviting friends and Personalized dear.
To choose a favorite story or fairy tale
That you would like Baby (NAME) to hear.
Instead of a card, please let (mother to be's name) look,
At your special choice of a book,
and then to Baby (NAME) she will read
With all the love a newborn will need.
So with a personal touch, please choose a book
And in it then your name do put.
It need not cost more than a card
Just pick a favorite, it shouldn't be hard.

This bookmark is to remind you of ___'s baby shower
And the warmth that you shared and she felt for that hour
When you are cuddled up with your book late at night
She'll be with her little girl all bundled up tight
So cozy she'll sleep snug as a bug in a rug
After goodnight wishes from mom with a kiss and a hug

Baby wipes, teething rings, diapers galore,
onesies, bibs, books, blankets, binkies and more.
If each guest would bring just one of these
Our new mommy and baby would surely be pleased.
No need to wrap it, your name don't tell,
She'll find the essentials in her Wishing Well!!

You know our girl she's a little bit shy
Never wants to be the center of everyone's eye
One little request that we hope you would grant
Whether you're a friend, mother or aunt
We can't wait to see you at the shower
But please don't wrap gifts in more than a ribbon or flower
However simple or silly it may seem
Let's make this day for her a perfect dream
Thank you all for your consideration
(Name of mom-to-be) is going to love our celebration

Here are some ideas for the [Parents (magazine)] - to - be
The [formula] for nurturing your sweet new baby
The [light (night light)] of your lives, your baby's nearly here
Soon you both* can [Snuggle (fabric softener)] and hold your baby near
Those first sweet cries will be [music (cassette tape of lullabies)] to your ears
Hold your wee one close, tell your baby ["No More Tears" (Johnson's Baby Shampoo)]
To [bond (savings bond; Gold Bond baby powder)] with your new baby, every day and every night
The [keys (baby teething keys)] are love and kindness, soft touches are just right
You can [Pamper (Pampers diapers)] your new bundle, who needs to feel secure
Your little [lamb (stuffed animal)] will love you, of that you can be sure
As the [apple (jar of baby food)] of your eyes, your baby can be free
To learn about the world in a bright safe [nurser (Playtex nurser)]-y
Please try not to [Shout (stain remover)] if your baby makes a fuss
It's your [Child (magazine)]'s way of learning to be like the rest of us
We hope you have enjoyed these [tips (Q-tips)] for family
We're certain that parenthood will suit you to a [tee (t-shirt)].

Please join us in welcoming the new little one
With good friends and food it'll be lots of fun
If all brought a baby product it would be really swell
We'll try to fill up the whole wishing well
Shampoo for her hair or Desitin is first rate
Lotions and soap would also be great
You can sign the item with a permanent pen
Each time it's used, she'll think of you again
They'll be so excited, if this advice you do heed
When their little girl arrives, they'll have all that they need
How great it will be to have their odds and ends
Contributed with love by all of their friends
Good times and laughter is what we will share
___will be thrilled to see you all there

Please join us in welcoming the new little one
With friends and food it'll be lots of fun
Bring an unwrapped book, it would be so swell
We'll try to fill up the whole wishing well
With mom Baby ____ can take a look
Or hop in Dad's lap and open a book
Whether Cat in the Hat or Winnie the Pooh
You can sign the inside cover with a note from you
He'll become very smart, if my advice you do heed
If we begin early, he'll soon love to read
Nothing compares to a set of bookends
Filled with books given by all of one's friends
Good times and laughter we all hope to share
(Mom's name) would be thrilled to see you all there

Although cards are nice with their sentiment and prayer,
They're read once or twice then tucked away with care.
A book is a treasure, words and pictures unite
Read over and over to teach and delight.
So instead of a card for Baby and mother,
Please give a child's book with your thoughts in the cover.
Your book will be cherished; God will watch from above,
When it's read they will remember your kindness and love.

We can't wait to see you at the shower
When (mom-to-be's name) will be the woman of the hour
We have one request we hope isn't too hard
Please sign your name to a book instead of a card
Then mom and dad will be ready when the baby arrives
To read to their darling for the rest of their lives

Come celebrate with us the new baby to be
For coming in ___, ____ will make it a family of three
If you can make it, the pleasure would be ours
The theme is April Showers Bring Baby Flowers
____ and ____ are trying not to go crazy
As they await the arrival of their own little daisy
To help ____blossom, bring words of advice
To write in our book, that would really be nice
If you're wondering, though there's no need to fuss
____is registered at Babies R Us
You can bring along diapers or wipes will do
Each pack you bring will get a raffle ticket for you
Baskets for the winners filled with goodies galore
A good time for all is what we have in store
We are all are so excited with each passing day
For __________ is soon on her way

As you prepare to feel a love like you've never felt
Every daddy needs a diaper tool belt
What ever could it be, you scratch your head and ask
Inside you'll find gloves, some wipes and a mask
There are diapers, baby powder and even a rattle
For when diaper changes become an uphill battle
The baby will stop crying if you sing some songs
While you carry the dirty diaper with these handy little tongs
Once the baby is clean and dry he'll think daddy is the best
And mom will love you even more for giving her some rest

We are so excited to celebrate ____'s big day
For little ____ is soon on his way
We are putting together a little book of advice
Full of words of wisdom and thoughts that are nice
Please share some parenting memories you've had
We'll organize them in stages from newborn to grad
Before the shower mail them back to me
And the advice book will be a beautiful sight to see
They have been through so much to get to this day

One small request to add a little extra glee
That would really help out the parents-to-be
Please bring a little extra that comes from the heart
A pack of diapers will give them a good start
Good times and food is what we'll all share
(Mom's name) will be so excited to see you all there

Once upon a time, not too long ago
____ and ____'s house was quiet, things were nice and slow
But now their heads are spinning and their hearts are racing fast
For soon they'll have a baby and quiet is a thing of the past
The joy he'll bring is immeasurable, he'll brighten up your space
Your world will never be the same once ____ shows his face
One cold/warm day in ______ he'll get his miraculous start
He'll look into your loving eyes and his smile will warm your heart
_____ and _____ can do nothing but give a cheer
For their brand new baby boy is coming soon this year
Soon they'll both be parents, it will be their very first time
They'll teach him how to walk and run and jump and even climb
We can't wait to see his fingers and count his little toes
We often wonder whether he'll have ___ or ___'s nose
Grandpas ___and ___, Grandmas ___and ___ too
Are getting ready, getting set for the late night bottles they'll do
To the new baby ___with all your precious charms
Know that very shortly you'll be in loving arms
We wish a safe arrival to our little ray of light
Until then dear ___, sweet dreams and good night

Until the day the picture arrives
these words of rhyme will fill the time
the light of mommy eyes you'll see
a baby here, soon will be
to fill our hearts and souls with love
her face will fit here like a glove
and once you've placed her photo here
you'll see her always and hold her dear!

Please take some time, we'd really be glad
If you made an entry here for ____ and Brad/Chad/Tad
This is their Advice Journal from all of you
And boy will they need it when _____ makes his debut
As they wait until ____, it feels like a dream
His room is all ready and has an airplane theme
So jot down what you've learned and try to make it nice
At 3 a.m. feedings, they'll be grateful for your advice








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